Unique Universal I

(10" Scale, Log Log)

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Unique Universal I
Image Summary
System: Log Log
Specialization: -
Type: Closed frame
Material: Mahogany
Facings: Celluloid/Paper
Scale Length: 10" No of Scales: 9
Front Length: 289mm Front Width: 37mm
Language: English Origin: England
Date: ?
Features/Notes: -
Scales (colours as shown)
Front: LL2, S, A [ B, CI, C ] D, T, LL3 Back: -
Labels Left: LU, S, A [ B, R, C ] D, T, LL Labels Left: -
Labels Right: - Labels Right: -
Style: Railway track Typeface: Sans-serif
Extensions: A, B, C & D beyond 1 & 10 Decimals: Tenths between 1 & 2 on A, B, CI, C & D
Units between 11 and 20 on A & B
0.5's between 2 and 10 on A, B, C & D
0.5's between 2 and 4 on CI
x5's between 20 and 100 on A & B
Gauge Marks: p (3.14) on A, B, CI, C & D
g (32.2) on C & D
Rulers: -
Features/Notes: Printed on paper with clear celluloid facing.
Stock: Upper and lower rails joined with celluliod, fixed with 10 metal pins and rebated in to rails.
Front celluloid faced.
High cursor grooves.
Length x Width x Height (mm) - 289 x 37 x 8.5
Slide: Longer than the stock, protruding 4.5mm at each end.Single sided.
Front celluloid faced.
Front face width x length (mm) - 13 x 298
Cursor: Plastic pane fixed to separate top and bottom plastic runners.
Single central black hairline.
Steel spring on top runner fixed at both ends.
Width x Height (mm) - 35 x 46
Printing (colours as shown)
Stock: "MODEL U.I." on front upper rail, right end.
Slide: "'UNIQUE' UNIVERSAL I SLIDE RULE" on front, left end.
"MADE IN ENGLAND" on front, right end.
Cursor: -
Labels: On back, paper table with plastic facing featuring conversions and constants.
In well, paper table with plastic facing featuring decimal/fraction equivalents.
Box (colours as shown)
Style: Square L x W x D mm: 310 x 50 x 20
Material: Cardboard Colour: Brown
Construction: 2 part, internal sleeve join.
Originally faced, now heavily covered with tape.
Printing: None seen.
Labels: None seen.
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