Slide Rules

Image Slide rule technology took off in the 1700's after the invention of the logarithm in the previous century. Their application and design became both widespread and varied, from specialised devices in science, commerce and even warfare to the better known mathematical aid; they were the pocket calculator of their day. Then, with the emergence of the electronic calculator in the mid-seventies, they virtually disappeared overnight.

I just missed their demise and, whilst aware of them, never paid them much attention until relatively recently. Since 'discovering' them I have been facinated. There is something sublime in the way relatively abstract mathematical concepts and relationships can be seen and explored in a hands on physical way with a simple mechanical device. Also, and equally intriguing, is how their development and application chart the history of technology, trade and human ingenuity in their lifetime.

These pages display my collection of slide rules, including a few that I designed and built myself, some slide rule literature (instructions, catalogues and books) and my writings on slide rules. My current particular interest is in pre WW2 Faber/Faber Castell slide rules which make up the bulk of my collection.

Slide Rules
A W Faber / Faber-Castell
Other Manufacturers
My Designs
Radix Series Slide Rules & System Leibniz
Juggler's Slide Rules - System Tombeur
Instruction Manuals
My Writings

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